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As a legal professional, David Baer is a member of the Bar in the state of Minnesota. Minnesota Lawyer named him as part of its “15 Attorneys of the Year.” Minnesota Law and Politics also named him a “Rising Star” for several years.  Currently the COO and General Counsel for O’Shaughnessy Holding Company, his task involves handling commercial transactions, consumer products, mergers and acquisitions, and international business. As the owners of Luminara Worldwide, Element Electronics and other businesses, the company excels at investing in and managing great companies, most of which are focused on the consumer goods segment, manufacturing, technology, and real estate.


On his own, David Baer is known for being a passionate entrepreneur and strategist who has the eye for solving business-related problems. Prior to joining O’Shaughnessy, he had his own practice, Ethos Business Law. He is also a partner at Levell11, a DJ company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


David Baer received his degree in communications from the University of Minnesota, J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law, and MBA from St. Thomas University. When not preoccupied with work, he enjoys outdoor activities such as biking and skiing. He also enjoys traveling and spending quality time with the people he cherishes the most.

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